BA Torrey is a New York City based interior design firm focusing on private residential commissions. With an eye for superb craftsmanship and use of luxurious, tactile finishes and materials, this rapidly expanding boutique company creates spaces that reflect each client’s unique personality — and then elevates that vision into one-of-a-kind spaces.

Their philosophy is simple: build gorgeous, thoughtful homes for people to really live in. To interpret a client’s vision and transform those ideas into impeccable, beautiful, and most importantly, livable spaces that tell a story with each and every distinct design. 

Recent and current projects include private homes in New York City, Beverly Hills California, Big Sky Montana, Denver Colorado, The Hamptons, London, Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as well as customizing the Brooklyn Nets Players’ Lounge at The Barclays Center into a space worthy not only of world-class athletes, but also of receiving the seal of approval from superstar Beyoncé — who photographed herself lying across one of BA Torrey’s custom-built sofas.

In 2018, BA Torrey was included as one of the designers hand-picked to create their own room at the prestigious Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Manhattan. He was counted among some of the most talked about and respected interior designers in the country for this month-long event.

“To be included amongst such a group of incredibly talented and respected designers is the culmination of everything I’ve worked for and put into my company up until now. I couldn’t be more excited.”


Andrew Torrey

Andrew Torrey approaches each project with a single minded mission: to make the intricate and complicated appear effortless and enjoyable.

“If I wore a step-counter, it would run out of space the amount of times I walk around a room and pivot back and forth from a coffee table or bookcase, to make sure everything is perfect and deserves its place.”

With an uncanny eye for detail and scale, Andrew believes living spaces are sanctuaries that should truly reflect their owners' lives.

“I don’t want my clients to feel disconnected or in an impersonal space. I want them to walk into their home and absolutely love and appreciate every element of it no matter how big or how small. If something is just filler — a decorative placeholder — then I haven’t done my job.”

His instinct for mixing and matching design elements and textures comes in part from his childhood memories. He grew up on a farm in Dodge City, Kansas, with 3 grandmothers who each had a style all of their own. This sparked his belief that different elements can work together to create a harmonious aesthetic… you just need to be confident in your choices and willing to take a risk. 

It was while Andrew was working in luxury real estate in New York that he realized his true calling was not in selling beautiful homes, but in designing them. He was part of the #1 team in Manhattan, the powerhouse Noble Black real estate sales team.  At that time, they were responsible for selling over half-a-billion dollar’s worth of residential properties — including the most expensive co-op in Manhattan’s history to date. He would often stage many of the homes that were being sold, and noticed more and more of the owners would ask him for design advice.

“It seemed the logical next step. I had loved creating beautiful rooms for as long as I could remember, and I wanted to explore that with new and exciting projects.”

He launched BA Torrey in 2013, and never looked back.

Georgina Rosenblatt